Hi! I’m Adarsh Williams and this is my yoga website…

My teachings focus on classical Ashtanga Yoga and an “exploration” of mindful movement practices – everything old and new. Twenty years into my personal practice and research, I’m ever bit as interested and humbled by this great philosophical tradition.

I like to tell my students to “keep it real” trying to avoid cliches and other trappings of identifying as a yogi. Instead, let’s focus on the real and practical application of yoga – technology than a belief system.

I’ve been very lucky to encounter (even if for brief periods…) some of the great minds in classic yoga and modern/western systems of wellness and total health. By no means am I creating a yoga “style” – I am more of a curator or “collector” of what I’ve found to work.┬áThe videos and other musings found on this site will represent these teachings.

To me, the best of yoga has to do with how it really works in our lives.



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